A-B Repeat (loop region)

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A-B repeat, as in Musicolet and other desktop media players. You pick the start and end region of a looping region and it plays starting from point A until point B, where it seamlessly continues playback at point A

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I need to practice just a region of certain music and currently need to use a different application for this

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Thisbisba common feature in desktop music players and tbh idk what non musicians use it for. It can allow for repeating single songs out of a larger medley or concert audio file though

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Musicolet has implemented this, along with an audio file region cutting/export tool, and it’s wonderful and fits my needs quite perfectly. The UX is quite simple but it does the job well.

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Unfortunately ExoPlayer does not yet properly support that and it would either be an hack or would require restarting the playback (with all the possible issues with transcoding and everything).

And as you said it’s quite a specific need.

The ExoPlayer tracking issue is Allow end user to trim media in playlist · Issue #3163 · google/ExoPlayer · GitHub but as for CrossFade I doubt they look into that at any point.

sorry i think i got a bit over zealous with this feature request as it’s kind of two in one, where audio cutting is less important than just the AB repeat function to me (and most others id guess).

that being said it’s still a relatively niche request and if you dont have the bandwidth to add it I absolutely understand

The cutting is not hard, it’s doing the player correctly without breaking the queue and being able to remove the loop to continue. That’s what ExoPlayer need to offer to adapt the loop without impact.

understood! thanks for taking the time to reply and consider