24Bit FLAC files album art not displayed

Issue description:

Hello, my media provider is google drive and box. When i add 24/44 bit FLAC files into Dropbox and google drive account an re-sync my libraries then it is syncing successfully but the song is not displayed in recently added and i need to manually search for the song.

Then during manual search i find the song and it plays but it doesn’t have image for album art and other details like artist name and album name missing. This is happening only to 24/44 bit FLAC files but other flac files are properly being displayed.


Upload description: log uploaded with name “AA-flac-debug.log”

Additional information:

link to song FLAC file:


Reproduction steps:

1.) add new media to cloud provider
2.) sync the new media in symfonium
3.) album art and song missing from recently added

Media provider:

Any provider




Your file have a 7MB image included that’s above the security limits of the scanner to avoid consuming unwanted data on broken files.

I’ll increase the limit in next release but this is like 12% of the file, there’s probably not need for such image.

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I didn’t know about the image size. I just download the file and add it without any modifications to image. Thank you for quick response :smile: