24/96 FLAC file plays as 16/44

Issue description:

Hello, my provider is google drive and I had recently updated a song of 16/44 bit to 24/96 bit and it displays as 24/96 bit in symfonium but plays as 16/44 bit. I don’t know whether my device is not supported or due to any issues with the FLAC file being updated by google drive.


Upload description: FLAC96-AA-debug

Additional information:

Symfonium version: 10.0.0B1
Android version: 12

Song link: Nurko - Save Me (From Myself).flac - Google Drive

Reproduction steps:

sync provider (google drive)
search song name
play song

Media provider:

Any provider




Your song does not play at 16/44 it’s the data that is cached as you replaced the file with the exact same name without clearing the media info cache.

Settings / Advanced settings / Clear media info cache.

Thank you very much, that solved it! :smiley: Also you don’t need to reply to my issues on a Saturday or Sunday, don’t wanna bother you during the weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

I do support every days for my own sanity, too much support in a long session and seeing how people are / act would destroy my brain :slight_smile:

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