1 pixel line from song screen album art remains under progress bar in "main" screen

Issue description:

  • If I go to the Currently playing song screen, then press back, a 1pixel high line from the song album art remains under progress bar.




Additional information:

phone is OnePlus 10T with Android 13

Can you confirm if before 3.2 you had an issue when pressing back and the small bar was stuck hidden?

I do not recall any such issue, though honestly I haven’t opened the app in a bit of a time, it’s just my song mix ran out so I went to make a new one and while clicking around I noticed the line remaining under the progress bar.

And if you reduce the now playing by swiping down instead of back no issue ?

I just tried, the line remains in both cases.

edit: I should’ve said, but I also tried the phone’s own settings for Fullscreen apps as the front camera is in middle of notification bar, but whether I set Symfonium to stretch to fullscreen or ignore the bar with camera the line is still there. Previous phone was the same just older model 6T and I do not recall the line although that was good few versions back obviously.

Probably some rounding error on Compose side, will add a workaround.

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