Wrong track duration on playback screen

Issue description:

Some of my music files show the wrong track duration on the playback screen but report correct on the album view or track details.

Occasionally this will cause issues where the album being played does not go to the next track and plays silence until I manually skip to the next track.

In other clients navidrome (web), supersonic (Windows) the same files do not have this issue.


Upload description: mhep-track-duration-issue

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The logs are not complete.

Please enable logs, force kill the app then restart the playback to be sure to capture all.

Do you force transcoding server side?

Can you upload that file to https://upload.symfonium.app

I have shared logs from the app with description “mhep-track-duration-issue”

Transcoding is not being forced server side

Thanks, this is a bug in ExoPlayer ExoPlayer wrongly decode some MP3 file · Issue #1376 · androidx/media · GitHub I’ve reported to them let’s see what they say.

Where did you get that file? Manual conversion from something with some specific parameter? Anything to help diagnose.

Thanks for raising the issue, I have just been reading the comments on GitHub issue and looks like some commits have been made.

As discovered in the GitHub discussion, the file was created using pcutmp3 as the album is a compilation/mixed album that was a single file with a cuesheet.

Hopefully the commits made will resolve the playback issue as I have 100’s of albums like this. Please let me know if you would like to test anything for you.

This require a few not small patches, so won’t be backported by them.

Integration of the fix in Symfonium will take some time.