[Wiki] Subsonic media provider configuration

Symfonium can connect to your Subsonic compatible servers and play, cast and offline cache your music from it.

Since each Subsonic compatible servers actually implements different variations of the API, Symfonium have a few options to adapt to most of them.

Legacy authentication, is used when your server is old or for example when using Ampache or ldap accounts.

Compatibility mode, is used when your server does not support search3 endpoint with empty queries. It’s necessary for Official Subsonic, Airsonic, and in some cases Funkwhale.

No download endpoint, when in compatibility mode Symfonium use the download endpoint as usually more stable, but some servers may have it disabled. In that case check this option.


• Symfonium requires that your media provider implements at least version 1.13 of Subsonic API. Navidrome for example support it.