[Wiki] Subsonic media provider configuration

Symfonium can connect to most Subsonic compatible servers and play, cast and offline cache your music from it.

Since each Subsonic compatible servers actually implements different variations of the API, Symfonium have a few options to adapt to most of them.

Legacy authentication, is used when your server is old or for example when using Ampache or ldap accounts.

Compatibility mode, is used when your server does not support search3 endpoint with empty queries. It’s necessary for Official Subsonic or Airsonic[-Advanced]. Symfonium is an advanced offline first application that require database sync, if the servers are not fixed, slow mode is mandatory, most providers have now fixed their implementation to support that.
If your server require the option please contact me so I can convince the team behind your provider to fix their side.

No download endpoint, when in compatibility mode Symfonium use the download endpoint as usually more stable, but some servers may have it disabled. In that case check this option.

Force artist metadata, some servers only gather artist images / biography when accessing them individually, enabling this option will force the server to gather the data for each artists. This will slow down the sync lot (especially the first time). You should uncheck this option once all the data is synced if you are not using compatibility mode.

Tested servers:

Symfonium is known to be compatible with many servers, but some servers are no more recommended as outdated.
If your server is not on this list or you publish a server, be sure to contact me for addition here. (And read Subsonic API extensions - Symfonium support to improve Subsonic API)

Recommended servers

Those servers are actively maintained and support fast sync.

Not recommended servers

The following severs are outdated and do not support fast sync, you should not use them if your library is large!

PS: If you tested with more servers or build an unlisted one, contact me to add it.


• Symfonium requires that your media provider implements at least version 1.13 of Subsonic API.

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