[Wiki] Settings

Symfonium offers many settings and tools to help you configure the application to perfectly fit your needs.

Given the multitude of settings available within the application, a comprehensive tree of all settings can be accessed via [Wiki] All settings tree. This will facilitate the efficient and effective location of the specific setting(s) you require.


Interface: [Wiki] Settings - Interface

Configure many different interface related settings like themes, shortcuts, tab buttons, …

Now playing: [Wiki] Settings - Now playing

Configure most aspect of the player interface, compact and expanded.

Library: [Wiki] Settings - Library

Configure library related settings, including action on clicks, displayed data, …

Playback: [Wiki] Settings - Playback

Configure everything related to the actual playback. Equalizer, transcoding, playback cache, …

Advanced: [Wiki] Settings - Advanced

As the name suggest advanced settings and debug mode when requested by support.


Manage media providers: [Wiki] Settings - Manage media providers

Add, remove and configure media providers.

Manage offline files: [Wiki] Settings - Manage offline files

Manage the cached files, the download queue and the automatic cache rules.

Backup & restore: [Wiki] Settings - Backup & restore

Backup and restore your settings.

Translations: [Wiki] Help translating Symfonium

The application translations are crowd sourced, press this button to contribute for your language.


Rate the application

Press this button to leave a rating. For feature requests, support and issues, please use this forum as nothing can be done from a Play Store comment.


Open this forum help page: Symfonium help and support

Contact support

Show the different ways to contact me. Using the forum is preferred as the information can be useful to others.


Display the full changelog for the last version.
Full release history can be seen at Changelog - Symfonium support


Show the application version with some details.