[Wiki] Kodi media provider configuration

Kodi require some configuration before allowing remote access by Symfonium.

Important: Symfonium requires at least Kodi 19 (Matrix) as it’s the first version with an efficient API for music sync and features.

Enable remote access and auto discovery

From the home screen of Kodi select Settings

Go to Service settings

Activate Announce services to other systems

Remarks :
• On Windows platform you need to have Apple Bonjour installed. (Comes bundled with iTunes or with this tool). Required by Kodi not Symfonium.
• This part is only needed for auto discovery, you can still use manual configuration.
• On Android this option may be missing as broken and removed by Kodi team. You can still do manual configuration, there’s no impact on Symfonium usage.

Go to Control menu

Activate the options :
• Allow remote control via HTTP
• If you really want to use Kodi without a password you need to disable the require authentication option.

Please keep in mind that the HTTP server of Kodi is not really secure so you must ensure that the Kodi machine is not accessible from Internet or untrusted computers. You should set a Username and a Password to secure the connection.


• The steps shows the default Kodi skin, if the skin you use does not contains all those settings you might want to revert to the default one for the duration of the configuration.
• It is possible that some software on your computer use the same port that Kodi want to use, in this case just change the Port in the Webserver part to something else like 8888 or any unused value.
• If you use Skype on Windows 10 , do not use port 80 as it’s used but it will not trigger errors on Kodi.
• Auto-detection of hosts requires Multicast . Some routers does not support this or will block them by default. This will block Symfonium auto-detection, just continue with manual setup.
• By default, on Windows hosts, Zeroconf is not enabled and require external software to be installed on Kodi host. (Kodi requirement). Manual setup will always work.