Where does transcoding take place? Emby showing direct play

I have the app set to 256kb/s and I have a bunch of flac files on my Emby server at home that are about 1mb/s. I set the transcode limit for the times I have a spotty signal on LTE.

But Emby in the server dashboard shows I am direct playing at the full bitrate, but this app shows "Ogg 256kb/s. My question is where is the transcode taking place? if on the phone then doesn’t that ruin the purpose of limiting bandwidth on LTE as the device still has to pull the orginal flac.

If on the server which I assume is the intended design, why does emby not show this? Thanks for any help.

There’s a template explaining that logs are mandatory for a reason :wink:

Anyway the transcoding is done on the server and I don’t know why Emby shows this since there’s no logs :wink:

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I need those logs : [Wiki] How to gather logs and open an issue

Sorry I was being lazy, looks like all is well from the log, well at least it seems to be doing what it’s told :slight_smile: Removed a url
ffmpeg-transcode-48a640b7-7534-468c-b8f0-b3e8fa0bcf2b_1.txt (8.0 KB)

And here I am thinking I am at the Emby forum giving you their logs, sorry man long day. I’ll get back to you.

I really need those logs to know why it does not show properly :slight_smile: