When internet radio buffers it skips to a random song in my library

Issue description:

When I try to stream this internet radio station it will play for a few seconds, start to buffer and then skip to playing a random song in my library. I would expect it to buffer and then continue playing the station.

This station streams FLAC audio so buffering is very much a possibility. When I first found it a couple days ago it streamed for a while and there wasnt a problem but now on my home WiFi it wont play for more than a second which is weird. My WiFi is pretty good.


Upload description: encryptofund

Additional information:

Its weird it worked the first time but isnt working now. Hopefully there’s something in the logs

Reproduction steps:

Enter URL in internet radio and press play

Media provider:




There’s no logs with that description.

You probably enabled the continuous playback option, so when the radio fails it will play something, so that is normal.

For why the radio fails for you logs are needed.