Weird bug when dropping a track to "queue next"

Here’s the thing: whenever I drop a track to the “queue next” button shortcut (the one that appears when you long-press a track and slide it), a wrong track is actually added.

1: Dropbox - Screenshot_20221123-141746.jpg - Simplify your life
I try to queue next “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley

2: Dropbox - Screenshot_20221123-141755.jpg - Simplify your life
a wrong track is added. Here you can see “A hell of a lot driving” added twice, because I tried twice, and “Challenge” 4 times. I tried multiple times before realising that the wrong track was added. I killed Symfonium after that, and tried again, resulting in “A hell of a lot driving”

Log: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

The default one is not queue next but queue last so the items are probably correctly added at the end :wink:

Edit: So was able to reproduce once, fully random sound like a Compose bug that will be fun to track :frowning: