Waiting for proposal features

This post contains the list of known missing features waiting for some more discussion between the devs to define the proposal contant.

  1. Improve authentication.
    New authentication way to allow servers to store credentials in a secure way. Probably based on api keys.
  2. Allow support for multiple genre / object
  3. Allow support for multiple artists per songs / albums
  4. Support differentiation between album artists and song artists.
  5. Improve the API around artists with getSongsByArtist / getSongsByAlbumArtist

About 2: this is more than just genre. Could be mood, grouping, or even albummood etc. I think we need a way to expose multi value tags in a generic way (maybe that’s the object you were referring to?)

About 3. This is more than just artist or albumartist.
Actually we would need possibly more generic track/artist relationships (to handle performer, composer, writer etc.)

Yes plenty of possible additions.

But I listed those that can cause backward compatibility issues as already exposed as single value. So requires “duplicate/special” handling

The rest is handled at Expose additional data for media