Version 5.2.0 beta 1

Version 5.2.0

  • Notes:
    Symfonium translations are crowd-sourced. You can contribute from the translations button in the settings.

  • Added:
    Add continuous playback option. Automatically queue new songs when you reach the end of your current media queue.
    Add pitch control with speed control for local renderer. (Can be disabled in the settings).
    Add new option to use lossless images for cache. This will use a LOT (like really a lot) more space and more cpu / memory to display.
    Add new option Persistent image cache to prevent image cache deletion by OS bugs or “optimizer” apps.
    Added a few sorts to file mode.
    Added Ukrainian translation (Thanks Sergiy).

  • Changed:
    Refactor the “Split albums by album artists” option to be more fine grained allowing any combination of Folder, MusicBrainz ID, Album artist, Year and Composer. (You need to reconfigure your provider)
    Ensure no artist duplicates during tag extraction for custom tag parser.
    Promote multiple media queue and bluetooth lyrics functions to stable.
    Technical: Rebuild Exoplayer ffmpeg extension to ffmpeg 5.1 and shared lib with the new transcode engine. (Yes I know tons of tech words to look smart :p). Should be transparent, but please report any audio issues with this version.

  • Fixed:
    Fix possible lyrics issues with some encoding.
    Fix possible low gradient image quality (Clear image cache in settings to reset the cache)
    Add some workaround to better handle LMS errors.
    Fix possible race with UPnP renders leading to skipped tracks.
    Fix issue with MP3 VBR bitrate display.
    Fix possible empty space in home shortcuts when enabling the queue shortcut but not the multi queue one.
    Fix issues with drag and drop after a couple of screens.
    Fix fastscroll sometimes not displaying the first items when returning to top of the page.

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