Version 1.0.0 released

Version 1.0.0

  • Notes:
    And now is the time to leave the initial beta and get ready for the full release.
    Please continue to report issues and features request as the story is very far from finished.

  • Added:
    Disc grouping in album detail view and associated actions.
    Add show volume controls to now playing option.
    Add year as navigation node from album detail view about section.
    Now playing 3 dots go to artist now allow direct access to all artists of the song.
    Landscape support no more require enabling a setting.
    Improve now playing screen.
    Goto album / artists when possible from 3 dots menu everywhere.

  • Fixed:
    Some fixes for https connection on non standard proxies.
    Some fixes for experimental landscape mode.
    Fixes for Subsonic when using legacy authentication.
    Small design fixes.
    One more Jellyfin workaround.
    Fix album smart playlist shuffle play.
    Fix dark theme not applied sometimes.
    Some more performance improvements.