Two minor cosmetic tweaks

I’m guessing you use the same component across the entire app but when in the album view, especially for compilations, the artist for a specific track may not match the album artist, or there are multiple artists (separated by semicolons, anyone?). In these instances, add the artist under the track name just like in playlists.

A second idea that I don’t think warrants another thread is for total time counts. When the total amount of time for tracks exceeds 24 hours, write it out.
Example: “91:13:09:03” becomes “91 days, 13:09:03”

Side question: What’s the internal decoder in the settings? ffmpeg?

Yes it’s based on ffmpeg and is already used for unsupported Android types.

For the artists in album detail view, I’m not sure how to properly detect when it’s needed or not in all cases due to the differences between all media providers.