Track Numbers in Play Queue

Audiobooks often have long track titles that are virtually identical until that last few characters which may not be visible. Could the Play Queue display the track numbers the way they are in the album listing?

That’s a tricky one as there’s virtually no way to know if the tracks are related or not, and showing the track numbers for non album is irrelevant.

I’m sure compose will allow the ellispsis in the middle at some point to mostly solve this, else I’ll probably add a custom solution to achievethat.

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I would also like to see track numbers in the Play Queue. It is data about the track as much as the artist, title or duration etc. Meaningless if you are a user that just plays songs randomly, but meaningful if you are a user that mostly plays entire albums or audiobooks. Could it be a user option?


Completely agree - I mostly only play albums, and it is weird to not be able to see the track number in the queue. Even if I am shuffling stuff, I’d still expect to see it there.