Tapping favorite playlists goes to the full playlists list

Issue description:

Tapping the favorite playlists heading on the home screen goes to the full playlists list. Favorite songs, albums, and artists go to favorite-filtered views of each.


debug-20230703_115420.zip (3.7 KB)


Additional information:

Yes this is normal, I do not want to force change the filter when you click on that else people might not understand if they never used the playlist filter.
And since playlists are not really a list of media, having another specific screen with the global playback buttons makes no sense too.

The inconsistency between home page headers is a bummer. Clicking the other favorites brings you right to the favorites for that thing, and then favorite playlists drops you into a list of all playlists. It’s kind of jarring. Would it be possible for the favorite playlists link to take the user to the playlists page but with the favorites filter enabled? That would feel a lot less surprising.