Symfonium cant showing lyrics

I embed lyrics in the tag,like this


[ti:Sweet but Psycho]
[ar:Ava Max]
[al:Sweet but Psycho]

[00:00.00]Sweet but Psycho - Ava Max
[00:01.05]Lyrics by:Amanda Ava Koci/Henry Walter/Madison Love/Andreas Andersen Haukeland
[00:02.10][00:45.28][01:43.09][02:33.50]Oh she's sweet but a psycho
[00:04.36][00:47.78][01:09.40][01:45.40][02:07.18][02:36.09][02:57.71]A little bit psycho
[00:06.25][00:13.39][00:49.64][00:56.75][01:47.28][01:54.46][02:08.93][02:37.81][02:44.93][02:59.50]At night she's screamin'
[00:07.33][00:14.50][00:50.60][00:57.84][01:12.31][01:48.40][01:55.59][02:10.03][02:38.87][02:46.09][03:00.53]I'm-ma-ma-ma out my mind
[00:09.16][00:52.53][01:50.15][02:40.65]Oh she's hot but a psycho
[00:11.64][00:55.00][01:52.68][02:43.21]So left but she's right though
[00:17.07]She'll make you curse but she a blessing
[00:20.76]She'll rip your shirt within a second
[00:24.07]You'll be coming back back for seconds
[00:28.12]With your plate
[00:29.73]You just can't help it no no
[00:33.85][01:31.59]You'll play alo-o-ong
[00:35.60][01:33.28]Let her lead you o-o-on
[00:37.34]You'll be saying no no
[00:41.06][01:38.78]Then saying yes yes yes
[00:42.85][01:40.46]'Cause she messin' with your head
[00:59.70][01:57.43][02:47.90]Grab a cop gun kinda crazy
[01:02.14][01:59.90][02:50.42]She's poison but tasty
[01:04.09][02:01.87][02:52.25]Yeah people say run don't walk away
[01:06.87][02:04.64][02:55.11]'Cause she's sweet but a psycho
[01:11.20]At night she screamin'
[01:14.79]See someone said don't drink her potions
[01:18.48]She'll kiss your neck with no emotion
[01:22.12]When she's mean you know you love it
[01:25.64]She tastes so sweet
[01:27.46]Don't sugar coat it no no
[01:35.15]You'll be saying no no no no no no
[02:19.93]You're just like me you're out your mind
[02:23.37]I know it's strange we're both the crazy kind
[02:27.03]You're tellin' me that I'm insane
[02:30.65]Boy don't pretend that you don't love the pain

but lyrics are still not show,could you help me to solve this problem?

Well as the template you deleted says I needs logs.

Or at least the song to reproduce.

debug.log (38.5 KB)

sorry,my fault, the logs are uploaded now.

From the logs they are seen and I can see the lyrics button on your Screenshot to display them.

Bottom left of the thumbnail.

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thx a ton,I found the lyrics button.
I have paid for symfonium,your support is great. :smile:

someone get Tolriq a coffee :joy:

Just in case I do like Coffee :stuck_out_tongue: