Subsorting in albums view

When I sort albums in the ‘All albums’ view by Display Artist, the artists sort correctly, but within a given artist they’re sorted in the same way Jellyfin returned them. I’m curious if it’d be possible to subsort these by ‘Year’, so that within a given artist their albums are sorted by the release year.

An additional side effect would be that, since the sorting for an artist’s albums (in the “Album(s) from <artist>” view) uses the same sorting as ‘All albums’, that this would then sort each artist’s albums by year in that view as well. If this is more than you want to handle in Symfonium, then an alternate feature request would be to select independent sorting options for ‘All albums’ and ‘Album(s) from <artist>’, so that we can at least sort ‘All albums’ by ‘Display Artist’ and ‘Albums(s) from …’ by ‘Year’.

A more general feature would obviously be to ‘subsort’ by any tag, this just feels like a sane default if you’d rather not implement the more general thing. I’m also not sure of a way to accomplish this via Jellyfin itself.

Hopefully that all makes sense, I’ve attached a couple of screenshots of the two views I’m talking about. The albums by ‘A Perfect Circle’ are flipped (the lighter-cover one came out in 2003, and the darker in 2000 – worth noting that they’re not just sorted by year in descending order, with > 2 albums it comes out seemingly random).