[Subsonic] Syncing remote playlist breaks it server-side

Issue description:

  • When syncing the playlist to Funkwhale music provider (subsonic api), it seems to not update the playlist but it instead appends the entirety of the playlist to the end of it, basically copying it and inserting the same songs there. My 186 tracks playlist quickly blew up to 744 (4 times lol) as I’ve been trying to sync the changes without realizing the problem.


debug-20220912_235706.zip (1.7 МБ)

Another case of they do something different (and broken) :frowning:

I’ll add a workaround for next release, but sending 1 command per song will be slow on large playlists :frowning:

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Hello, after recent updates the issue has appeared again in the exact same form :confused:
debug-20221025_193355.zip (12.0 КБ)

You mean funkwhale updates?

From the logs Symfonium still use the Funkwhale hack and remove the songs 1 by 1 before adding them back.

Seems like something’s up on Symfonium side because I’ve been rocking 1.2.8 version of funkwhale since first encounter of this issue. After the fix has rolled around it was working for some time but I just updated all my apps on my phone like yesterday and it broke somehow :thinking:

There was no app update since 22 days, and it’s always Symfonium fault until I report issues to Funkwhale :wink:

The logs shows that Symfonium as the server the content of the playlist
Server returns 44 songs.
Symfonium sends 44 delete commands due to funkwhale broken API and server says OK to each.
Symfonium send the add of 44 songs.

If something else happens this is a new Funkwhale bug somewhere.

Hmm got it, I’ll try to tinker with my setup then, since maybe it has something with me changing domains.

Ok I figured it out, and it is a funkwhale bug: Pretty much If there’s a duplicate in a playlist, the whole thing just breaks fsr. Since I don’t want duplicate items in my playlists too, perhaps it could be a nice idea to make a toggle that wouldn’t add any new items to a list if they were already there? Would be nice :heart:

Strange isn’t it ? :slight_smile:

And no sorry I won’t add a toggle for that, there’s way too many settings already.
And since some users may want duplicates I can’t just disable that.

BTW still waiting for logs [Subsonic/Funkwhale] Improper recent listenings logging :wink:

Yeah still got no response from the dev team on how to even get those in the first place and the issue with the playlists still seems to linger on their side. I’ll let you know if I get any updates.