Standard Widget 4x1 bug

Issue description:

Standard now playing widget (4x1) isn’t working on both android 13 & 14 beta.


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Additional information:

Seems to only be the 4x1 widget layout, everything else works fine.

I can only reproduce at the creation of the widget time (and can’t figure out what bug google add in last patches) can you confirm it works after the first state change.

Just checked and it doesn’t work on placement, but works when a song changes.

This is the current state:

Yes Google broke many things in march update. I hope they would have fix things in the april one but no they just added one more bug …

I suppose I’ll have no choice than trying to figure out a workaround just for pixel devices …


this issue started with the march update - been no change since april update update, the widget does work and functions fine but just the cosmetic text thing (pixel 7 pro)

If only you had reported it as requested a few times :wink:

Its no showstopper but just commented here in case you are looking at what changed in April update … It was the march one.
Apart from the txt being cut off on the 4x1 it still works fine