Song duration isn't displayed while using Chromecast

Issue description:

Hi! As my sceeenshots will show, the songs have the song duration displayed when I go to details, but the now playing UI and the Chromecast screen don’t show that info.


Upload description: prone-to-drift chromecast-duration

Additional information:

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Reproduction steps:

 Use a gonic server, be on the same WiFi network as the server, and then cast to a chromecast device. 

Media provider:





You are transcoding and Chromecast fails at extracting the duration for that transcoding profile.

The values are returned by Chromecast.

I see. So, this another one of those things that I should file with gonic or hope that Google fixes it? Or since Symfonium already has the data, it could look up the streamed file’s name and show the duration at least on the app?

I’d defer to your judgement regarding whats important enough of a fix to write a hacky workaround for.

Try other transcoding profiles.

But no I won’t workaround that, renderer is the source of truth for those data.

None of the options i tried worked, but let’s close this cause it’s on google/gonic’s end