Some minor improvements

this is the best android app for plex audio client.
if the author can add some improvement

  1. ability to show complete file name in library with adding feature to sort file with date time it created or modified
  2. why if we’re in library folder then accessing setting menu then go back, it always goes to home screen, not remember the position before where in library folder? it’s annoying if we open some deep folder then if goes to home screen, we have to repeat again to browse folder between folder.
  3. ability to create custom playlist not smart or album playlist. i just want to create a new playlist and named it. and would be better after named the new playlist then we can add some music files into it. right now if we want to add to playlist, what we’re gonna do is, select the file then tap 3 dot options then add to playlist. it would be more simple if we can put a mark on what files we want to add to playlist then only tap 3 dot options once, we can add all song we marked it to the playlist we want.

hope these new feature will be considered to the author to improve the app become better…


If only there was a template and everything :wink:

  1. No idea what you want, library mode have the sort you want and is not meant for file name display (that you get by pressing details option)
  2. Because the settings can change the UI in many ways that would make the previous screen no more available, going to settings is not a frequent action.
  3. Long press is already used for other purpose so there’s not much ways with less clicks to put files in playlists.