Some artists cannot play music

Issue description:

I did some research and couldn’t find anyone else who asked the question, so I’m asking for advice.

I have been trying to play the jellyfin server with symfonium since the other day.
I have installed everything and synced the app, but there are some album artists that can be played and some that cannot!
When I press the play button for the album artist that cannot be played, it says "No media available! is displayed.
It does not play no matter which button I press: “Play”, “Shuffle”, or “Personal Mix”.

The artists that can are shown not only the number of albums, but also the total playback time.
However, the artists that can’t are only showing the number of albums.
If you select each album and choose the song directly, it will play properly, so it is not that there are no mp3 files.
Sorry, please let me know.


Upload description: Some artists cannot play music "No media available!”

Additional information:

 It plays fine from the album tags and song list.
Screenshot 1 shows the album artist playing without problems.
Screenshots 2 and 3 show album artists that cannot be played
Screenshot 4 shows the error message No media available! 

Reproduction steps:

 Some of the album artists synced from jellyfin display Album, Track, Total playback time while others only display Album.
When I try to play an album that only shows Album, the message No media available! 

Media provider:





This is because they do not have songs.

The play button, plays the songs from the artist, if there’s none there’s nothing to play.

Thank you for your response.
However, the mp3 files are available. The album thumbnails are also displayed and it actually shows on the symphonium app that there are 233 albums.
If I select a song, it plays fine.

The mp3s are also loaded on jellyfin and can be played.

I checked the file explorer on my NAS and the music files are there.

Songs can have artist and album artists.

From the screen shots Jellyfin does not return those artist as song artists for those songs but only as the album artist of the album.

Click the 3 dots on the songs then details and see what artist is shown there. Or click the album in Symfonium and see the artist shown for the songs.

Thank you for your response!
I took your advice and looked at the song metadata.

Hmmm, maybe Symfonium can’t play it if the album artist name doesn’t match the artist name?
Band members, etc. with multiple artists are organized by album artist.
What if I want to play a collection of songs from the same album artist?

Symfonium only have access to the data that Jellyfin sends over it’s API.

If they do not match I guess they create another artist and return that one as song artist, I don’t know all Jellyfin internals.

To play all the albums you click on the Albums headers then play.

With that said I can detect that there’s no songs and automatically switch to play albums, I’ll see what I can do for next release.

Thank you.
In jellyfin, you can use the play button here.

It would be great if when I press play on the album artist page, it would play the album artist’s song!

Again there’s no such things returned from the API, what can be played is the album artist albums, that may have songs not by that artist at all.

OK, then there is a feature we would like you to implement instead
Please make a button to “select all” on this screen. Please.

I understand that it doesn’t play when I press the play button.
I would like to substitute the same function by manually selecting all of the songs in the album artist’s song list and playing them back.

There’s already a play button at the top if you do not remove it in the settings (Hide top button row in lists).

You keep repeating songs but as I try to explain those artists that you can’t play do not have any songs associated with their name. So there’s no song list or songs to play for them.

What there is a list of album and those albums have songs. But those are not the songs from the artist, it could be anything that appears on those albums.

If artist X is album artist of album Y but album Y have 10 songs from artist Z, then you will play 10 songs from artist Z.

If you really want to play songs by the artists then you need to fix your tags.

Thank you!
(Hide top button row in lists) I had this setting turned on!
I pressed the play button here and it worked as desired. (
(Play without shuffling in sort order)
Thank you very much for your time and effort in this lengthy exchange.
I appreciate your kindness.