Smart filtering of Artists and Albums

Having a large music library to make the app useable for me some easily accessible and versaitle filtering is needed in addition to the filtering by source currently offered. In Yatse I use the smart filtering to navigate my collection and select what albums I want to play every time.

My main use would be covered by being able to add, modify and delete filters with the following rule combinations:

*Logic between rules is AND
*Date values are partial or full date ISO strings e.g. YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD


  • Source
  • Album Artist (verses All Artists)
  • Gender is (OR multiple values selected from list)
  • Instrument contains
  • Type is (OR multiple selected from list)


  • Source
  • Genre is not (OR multiple values selected from list)
  • Play count greater than N1
  • Play count less than N2
  • Year greater than X
  • Year less than Y
  • Date added before
  • Date added after
  • Last played before
  • Last played after

It would also be cool if date rules could also be entered as “days before now”, to avoid having to keep editing last played and date added rule to adjust for the passage of time.