Small UI request:

Feature description:

Can the buttons on the bottom in the detailed player be rounded as well? I like most of the design, I’d just like that small tweak too.

Problem solved:

Design incohesiveness.

Brought benefits:

A more consistent Material You-esque look

Additional description and context:

The app’s pretty much the best self hosted music client out there by a long shot. This is probably very pedantic so it’s upto you if you want to implement this. Paid for the app, absolutely love it.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Proposed Tweak

This is how it looks right now:

The buttons are round see the ripple effect. Those are the icons provided by Google

There’s no plans to include custom icons for those as it would prevent migration to material symbol if it’s actually built for Compose.

The other way is to keep the non filled icons and only use colors, but a few users complained it’s not visible enough.

TL;DR I do not have a proper solution and won’t add a setting for those just 2 small icons.

Ah, never mind then, thanks a ton! I did not know that, so I apologise for my lack of knowledge in this regard :sweat_smile:.

Thanks for Symfonium, it’s been my daily driver for music!