Small fade-in on queued songs

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Since a couple of updates (I think since before 8.0, but I am not sure), sometimes when a song begins after the previous one ended, there is a very short fade-in which surpresses the first note or so of the song. This does only happen with queued songs, so not when I directly choose a song to be played. It also does not happen all the time. I am not sure if it depends on the songs played, or if something else makes it sometimes appear and sometimes not.

However, it happened during the logs with the last couple of songs played (all from The Cranberries). I even could jump near the end of the song, then wait for the transition and hear the small fade-in.


Upload description: splinter-fadein

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SkipSilence enabled ? :wink:

Or an update on your phone and some specific EQ settings.

Skip Silence is off.

Phone update is a possible starting point, as is a new USB-C-to-Headphone adapter… but then I would expect this to happen always, or not?

Anyway, I checked: all phone audio effects are off, phone EQ is set to normal (flat).

In Symfonium, I have Preamp (although set to 0) and EQ on, but it happens even when I turn the processing engine off. I also had Prefer internal decoder on, but it also happens when that is off.

Maybe some Samsung sh*t again…

Funny: I just turned Skip Silence on, and then the silence at the end of the song is skipped, but there is no fade-in on the next song… :thinking:

And the fade-in is back once I turn Skip Silence off.

Disable system eq in settings.

Then try without the Symfonium EQ.

Force kill app between tests for the OS to react for sure.

But yes this sounds like Samsung stuff or something installed.

System EQ is disabled in Symfonium settings all the time. Processing engine on and off makes no difference.

And it only happens when the next song starts by itself. When I hit skip next one second (or whenever) before the previous song ends, the next song will start correctly without fade-in.

I just had the thought if that only happens with VBR-encoded songs, but I will have to check that tomorrow.

Try without the dac ? I don’t see anything in Symfonium that could do that.

Try to have the Android volume bad visible and see if it moves ?

Yeah, with playback on the phone speaker it does not occur… so it is most likely the DAC.

Thank you for helping me debug :slight_smile:

Just for the record: I installed another music player app today just to double check (should have done that before…) and of course the issue occurs there, too. So Symfonium is not involved in the issue (which does not seem to have anything to do with VBR, despite my suspicion above).