Skip albums in album mix

Feature description:

Currently using Jellyfin and local files, but that shouldn’t matter.

Add in the ability to skip albums when in album mix. For example, in album mix there could be:

{ B1, B2, B3, A1, A2, C1, C2, C3, C4 }

If I’m in A1 or A2, pressing the album skip button would bring me to C1. This would allow me to be anywhere in the current album mix list and go to the next album.

Problem solved:

Sometimes I’m in an album that is 25 songs long and the album isn’t the right mood for me. I want to be able to easily skip to the next album. To go to the next album requires using 25 skips or I could scroll down to the next album, but the latter would bring me out of my current study focus. For me, a button is always in the same spot so clicking the button only requires my peripheral vision so this does not take break my focus. However, looking for the next album in a list requires focused eye tracking on a list of songs with the separation to the next album being in a different spot each time which would break my focus.

Brought benefits:

Plenty of people use the next button instead of scrolling down a list of songs. Also, lots of earphones comes with multiple buttons and manufactures wouldn’t make these buttons if there wasn’t demand for this. This is simply extending the functionality for the album mix feature.

Other application solutions:

Not that I’m aware of.

Additional description and context:

A possible solution is to continuously skip songs based on finding a new album title. At the end of an album mix, your app has the feature to extend the queue. So hard coding in a button for just album mix wouldn’t work since the queue doesn’t stay an album mix forever. However, a continuous skip until new album title would work without bugs even if it is outside of a regular album mix.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Add a settings option in “New playing” settings to replace the rewind and wind forwards buttons with a |<< and >>| , a double triangle and the vertical rectangle symbol. This change would only be in the now playing screen and no where else since both the lock screen and quick setting widget may not fully support this feature. Moreover, since this is a small change then there would be no need to try to detect if you are currently in an album mix or not since the screen space wasted is so small so this setting could be a global setting. This approach would minimize possible bugs and work while still achieving the use case.

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While I would not add an option for that, I can add long press support to the skip that would do that.

Less discoverable but fit your need and not sure this is that much a frequent need.

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That sounds perfectly fine. What’s important is having a single standard point of truth.

Thank you very much.

This feature is marked as implemented but nothing happens when I long press the skip button.

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