Show user ratings ("5 star ratings") in playlist view

Big fan of this app, after all the changes made in the past months to how Symfonium handles Navidrome playlists and displays 5 star ratings, I finally pulled the trigger and switched from DSub.

There is just one tiny thing with a big impact for me missing: To display user ratings in the playlists.

We already have a library setting, which I though should do exactly what I am requesting. But unfortunately it only works for albums but not for playlists.

Any chance this could be added? User ratings are a HUGE navigation point on how I browse through my library. Also, the cornerstone of my library is playlists. I rarely browse through albums anymore.

If this could be added at any point in time, it would literally make this the perfect app for me.

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Album list view:

Playlist list view:

Not really possible due to how playlist are stored.

Why do not use the song view and smart filters?

Thank you for your quick reply!

Because I switch between my mobile phone (Symfonium) and my desktop PC
(Navidrome) a LOT. Multiple times a day. Everything I do is set up to be client-independent.

Therefore I have set up hundreds of smart playlists already, although they are based on Navidrome’s native nsp format (json-based). My entire library consists of over 100,000 songs.

Is it really not possible? Almost every other player supports it and they are all FAR inferior to your product in every other aspect… Hell I would even pay a $100 bounty or more to get this implemented! It doesn’t have to be soon, but knowing that this can or will be done at one point would already make me happy.

Well it’s currently not possible as the data is not stored with the playlist, Symfonium is not like any other app since I’m the only one offline first multi provider, they do not face the same kind of constraints I do have to deal with like playlist with content from 3 different providers. Or playlist with content that is not indexed in the database but only exposed as file mode from those providers.

So even if I did add the rating column and tried to keep it in sync, there would still be cases where the data is not accurate as not updated since not present in the database.

And my current line of decision is that things that I add must work 100% of the time to not trigger support. I can’t handle tons of repetitive support due to users not readings about limitations of features :frowning:

So honestly there’s very little chance this is added, specially since this is a quite specific need, usually a playlist is already something by itself, seeing the rating there would not bring that much additional information.

Ah I understand, support for multiple other providers other than Navidrome certainly does make things more complicated I guess.

Well, it’s not a deal-breaker. Your app still is a 98% fit for my solution and the ultimate Navidrome client for Android. Keep up the good work and thank you for the detailed answer!

Well the complicated part is not support for the other providers by itself it’s the invisible support for all of them all at once :slight_smile:

One playlist with content from 4 providers is not an issue for Symfonium.

But really smart filters to navigate in the song view can probably fit your needs.

So I just installed the latest update and saw that my playlist has star ratings. You did it, you absolute madlad!

Thank you so much!

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