Selectable Cache

I have 2 music libraries on Jellyfin. First is huge, over 400GB of music and second, only favorites albums, about 80GB. When I choose to cache tracks it caches both libraries which is over 480GB and my SD card is 256GB.
The best option would be to cache only selected Jellyfin library instead of all.


Adding to this, some form of excluding specific folders/titles on the library would be great :+1:

Title or folder exclusion won’t be made, you can select what you want to cache or all or specific libraries. Organize your libraries to handle your needs, don’t expect the tools to fix everything.

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I’m an Emby user rather than Jellyfin (I’m sure they’re similar enough, but still), so I’m not entirely sure what’s meant by “2 libraries”, but given the “sync everything” setting is per media source, I don’t know why you can’t already achieve what you want anyway.

If you’re “2 libraries” are just one media source, can’t you just separate them (maybe with 2 different user accounts) to make them different media sources?

On Emby and Jellyfin you can have multiple libraries for music, for the moment the setting is only download all, but as requested by OP, I’ll probably add the per library setting for a little more control.

It’s probably same as Emby. Of course if you have multiple music libraries in Jellyfi/Emby you can choose which one to see in Symfonium but when you choose to cache, it caches all music libraries for current user.
For now the only way to choose just one library from a few libraries of a single user, you would have to assign that single library to a separate user excluding all other music libraries and then login that user in Symfonium and then cache it. Maybe I’m missing something but I wasn’t able to find different way.
The disadvantage of this method is that you have to create different user than your default, so when you play any music on second user, statistics, recently played, frequently played etc. are not synced with your default Jellyfin user.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not something mandatory, just would be easier. :smiley:

Don’t worry I have understood the need and it’s on the todo as the tag indicate :wink:

Was just explaining how it will work and why no file or other strange filters.

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