Scrobble to even if playing from offline cache

Feature description:

Add an option to scrobble, even when playing from offline cache

Problem solved:

Right now everything that i play out of my offline cache is not getting scrobbled. Most times i download music is because i hear it often, but right now these songs do not get scrobbled. So no accurate statistics about plays.

Brought benefits:

Having an accurate statistic about your played tracks, even downloaded ones.

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You are lacking your provider details.

Symfonium pushes the played status when reconnected to server and the server should scrobble correctly.

Weird. Im using the app with Navidrome and it does often not scrobble, when playing offline cached songs.
I will test one more time then.
Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

Check Navidrome logs. @deluan does Navidrome scrobble from the scrobble+ submit true ?

Yes, it does. Actually it only sends scrobbles to with submit=true or else it will only sends a NowPlaying event. Relevant code snippet:
navidrome/server/subsonic/media_annotation.go at c4c99b7f753ec78a250847d7775e67c6f9e63cd9 · navidrome/navidrome · GitHub

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