Same music played consecutively in the queue is counted only once in play count

Issue description:

When I add a single track multiple times to the queue and play them all, the play count only increases one while I expect it to increase the times that it plays.

When play the track not consecutively (i.e. with another track in-between), both plays are counted correct.

Can you please properly fit the template as mandatory ? (36.1 KB)

Is it enough? Should I open a separate thread to fill the template?

(btw the log is not very easy to use… It asks you to share with some app while I want it to just save somewhere so that I can upload. And declining the share means the log is lost because it seems to clear the log after generating one, so I had to redo the whole process again, which can take quite some time because I have to wait for the music to finish.)

The template does link to the doc :wink:

The docs that shows where to find the logs if you cancel the automatic share.

In that logs there’s only 1 playback and the playcount is properly updated locally in Symfonium, not pushed to server since the server can’t be reached.

That doesn’t match what happened. The track is 4:08, and it definitely played twice.

Ok so logs are strange, but found a possible issue due to last refactor to fix wrong duplicate playcount for some providers.

Should be fixed for next release.