Resume Where Left Off (Even after Shutdown)

I run Symfonium on my car’s 10.25" Android Screen which powers off when not in use and boots when I unlock the car, would it be possible somehow for Symfonium to carry on where I left off after the device has shutdown and restarted?

There’s already a few posts explaining why it’s currently not possible and for the moment there’s still no solution.

OK, thank you, I understand

As a workaround, is there a way to automate resuming a playlist (by name/service)? For example, using Tasker to send an intent/broadcast to the app.

If not, is it something that could be implemented with “less” issues than doing it automatically on startup since the user would have more advanced knowledge?

Well it’s not really less but a completely different thing.

Please open a new features request for Tasker support and all the possible functions you’d like to access. That’s something I can add.