Resume vanishes after 30 minutes or more of not using the app

Issue description:

Resume stops working usually around 30 minutes or more when I’m not actively using the app.

I will play a playlist, pause after a bit, play another playlist pause after a bit, play an individual song pause after a bit. I can then go into all those playlists and songs and resume is there to continue off. If I exit the app and wait 5 mins or so the resumes are still there for everything I had played. If I wait 30 minutes (sometimes a bit longer) and go back into the app all the resumes are gone.



Additional information:

Your Plex server seems to drop or reject storing the resume points so when there’s a data sync the data from Plex is wrong.

What precise version of Plex do you have?

Ok so updated my Plex server and they broke the API and fully disable returning resume point if the option “Store track progress” is not enabled :frowning:

I’ve added proper detection for next release, so internal resume point will be kept if the option is disabled on Plex. You can already just enable that option on your Plex libraries and the stored resume point will be restored after the next sync, since they still properly store them without the option.

Thank you so much! I have enabled that option in my Plex.