Restore "now playing" playlist

Everytime i close Symfonium, reopen it or reboot my phone, I lose my previous “now playing” playlist (and thus my position).
There are some handy features like “Continue last played track” or “Continue last played album”, the same feature for the “now playing” playlist would be extremely helpful :slight_smile:

Duplicate of a few :slight_smile:

This is currently not done because Symfonium is a multi provider multi renderer player and when you restart the app later the context often have changed and both provider and renderer may have changed.
Even more problematic with Android Auto.

At some point there will be an option but there’s many details to figure out for proper UX for all cases.

It would still be very useful to have the last ‘now playing’ list saved (together with the point reached), and offered as an option (perhaps like the ‘Continue last…’), especially if the provider/renderer have not changed.

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I never said it’s not’s useful I said that it’s much more complicated that what you can think about. You can play media from 2 providers then only 1 is up, or renderer is not accessible or you are connected via Android Auto. You can have the option only online provider enabled then the content change, there’s dozens of reasons for the restore to not work properly. This means dozens of reasons for people to complain to support (so me).

Each user complaining is time lost preventing doing other stuff. So every thing added in the app is made to ensure no support not to trigger a ton of support because it does not properly work in all cases.