Replaygain support when playing via chromecast

Feature description:

I would like that every song played via chromecast is played with the same volume/replaygain values.

Problem solved:

When im playing music via chromecast to my google nest devices the volume on songs/artists/albums played are very unequal, my conclusion is that replaygain values are ignored.

Brought benefits:

You can enjoy your music via chromecast sound system as much as on your phone and computer. No fiddeling with changing volume when changing albums and artists.

Other application solutions:

Well, spotify for example somehow makes this possible.

Additional description and context:

Im an technical idiot, hopefully this is achivable somehow? :slight_smile:

This is quite hard to achieve as Chromecast can’t do that. Spotify apply the replay gain at the source when serving files.

With that said with the new transcoding engine in Symfonium, this is theoretically possible to achieve in the future by doing the same.

Oh darn. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Will be in next release.