Refresh cover for single albums

Talking about client db/cache.

A config option might help except for those who don’t have reentrant nat.

Best would have been relative urls, but it’s too late no?

I can detect the /share and do it on my side. So not an long term issue for Symfonium just a possible issue for the others.

It is a simple change, and why late?

Not sure all clients will auto handle the fact that it’s a relative url and fail to render, I think Symfonium would break on it if you change that before I update the case on my side.

Anyway, will you be able to fix this on your side, by detecting the /share/img URLs?

Yes I can add a special case for that that would also support future relative urls if you choose to.

And back to the original problem: how are you gonna detect changes in the album artwork, if you don’t use coverArt ?

I thought the share/url where updated on image change. But yes if I store the art from getInfo I won’t have the change.

Is there case where there would not be an albumart but the getInfo returns something? Or shoud I just ignore the art from getInfo and assume if it fetched a new one it will be returned in the next sync for the album art ?

Same question for the artists and artists covert art ids.

Edit: In all cases this is a mess to handle all. I think the simple solution would be an option to disable default images for getCoverArt that would cover Artists and Albums so it’s up to the users to decide what is shown.

Can a menu action be added to the album’s menu that (on demand) updates the album’s cover art? In my case, I only care about update the album art when I notice it is incorrect – most of the time the album art is correct already. I am using a SubSonic media server.