Queue List Won't Play

Issue description:

I have a queue that goes over all of my songs, but randomly I opened the app to play it and there was no player. I tried playing something else to get the player up and then switch to the queue I had before but it just quits the player and dumps me on the home page.


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Reproduction steps:

It only happens with that queue list. I’d really like to get it back.

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Unfortunately your queue is lost hence the result, and the logs does not show how it happened so not much I can do at this stage.

If you can reproduce the queue loss with logs then I can fix.

I see. I also have a annoying queue bug where when the app is closed and I press the play button on the media control it resets the queue back to beginning. I can replicate it. I am on the latest beta version.

And when I open the app after it reset the queue it will have either nothing playing or have it be reset.

The provide logs reproducing this :slight_smile: