Problem with solid dynamic color

Sorry for my English. Spanish is my native language.
The solid color of the app is horrible compared to other apps that have a color much more similar to Youtube Music. My eyes hurt a lot because the color is very strong. I love that the entire background is one color, but the very strong colors that the app chooses are very uncomfortable.
I would like them to modify that part or give the user ways to customize that.

I hope they can fix that so it looks much more like the solid Youtube Music background.

Template clearly explains you need to provide logs and fill it :wink:

What phone theme and app theme do you have ? Please provide that song to reproduce too if you are not in light theme.

I have a Samsung S10, One UI 4.1, Android 12. My phone is in dark mode, but the app is all default.

Solid color is not default :slight_smile: And you have not provided the asked logs and the asked media file to reproduce the color extraction for your case.

What I’m trying to say is that I didn’t modify experimental things. Change the gradient dynamic color to a solid dynamic color.

Here is the file I played.

I can’t upload the file directly because the page won’t allow me.

Thanks so yes there’s a wrong fallback to primary color here.

Will be fixed in next release.