Plex-like Custom Theme

Loosely inspired off of Sonixd’s Plex-like theme (having trouble making the primary grey instead of blue :P)

theme-plex-like.json (2.6 KB)

You have control over each color,
It’s easy to preview with figma [Wiki] Symfonium custom themes

it’s a free tool.

ohhhh. I used the theme builder, I’ll give figma a shot!


  1. I’m having issues downloading Jetpack Compose files from Figma unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:
  2. I’ve come the the realization that Material 3 just really doesn’t like me making things black, white, or grey. It always makes it blue, at least for the primary. Oh well, I do like this theme so I’ll keep it how it is for now :P

In the end it’s just a list of colors in the files you can edit them by hand :slight_smile: They are just tools to ensure all the colors properly works together, but you can put anything ugly as hell if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was definitely not stalking this post WHILE you were writing your reply loool.

But you do make a valid point about editing by hand, good to keep in mind for future themes! :smile: