Playlist shows double songs for a moment

Issue description:

Long playlists show all songs twice for a moment. If I hit play during this time, the duplicates are added to the queue.

This started happening recently, at the same time as playlists started taking longer to open. Local, read only playlists show a “your data is being synced” message when opening them. This seems to have started within the last couple of versions.

Logs: (3.6 MB)


Additional information:

Unrelated but:

  1. You need to fix your server to support the scrobble endpoint. You now return 404 so Symfonium will try indefinitely to sync the playback state. This will not be sustainable in the long term as the list of sync will grow.

  2. Your server does not return a value for “changed” for the playlists meaning that Symfonium will always have to sync the playlist on access this is also highly inefficient.

Thanks! I can make those changes. I wasn’t aware there was a playlist change API response. Is that new with the OpenSubsonic project?

No it’s since 1.13.0 I think

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Both done, thank you.