Playlist queueing and parenthetical cosmetics

A small one that doesn’t warrant its own thread and a bigger one:

a) Text inside brackets or parentheses for track or album titles made a bit smaller on list and now-playing views. This would mostly impact track titles that include concert/date information or if something is a single, and will lessen the chances of the marquee scroll happen.

b) For Playlists, “Drag and drop to shuffle” and context menu->shuffle will shuffle and queue the entire playlist. The shuffle button found in the playlist view will shuffle the entire playlist then queue the first 15 tracks. The latter is obviously the intended design (so that playback starts more promptly) and the former is an oversight.

To build on this though I’d like to see more tracks added to the queue after playback of each song completes. It appears to be set to 2 now and could probably stand to be more. The most glaring reason I ask for this is that when I shuffle a playlist of 400 tracks, the first 15 are queued. If I skip to track 15 (last item on the current queue) only two more tracks are added bringing the total to 17, so it’ll take a long time to see the entire shuffled playlist in the queue.

I think a good solution for this would be to always have ~30 tracks available in the queue following the track that is currently playing. Thanks!

Regarding a): I just filtereed through my library and found more than 2000 tracks with round brackets. Many of those (I would say half) are part of the title in the likes of (Everything I Do) I Do It For You or Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown). I think it is not a good idea to make those partial titles smaller.

Additionally the meaning of brackets largely depends on how you manage your own library. For jazz records, where often a take is given, I add them in square brackets: Autumn Leaves [Take 3]. I try to apply the same pattern for other non-title information ([Live], [Demo], [Alternate Mix], [Interview], …). But others might do that very differently. So I think you cannot easily build one solution that fits all here.

But they’d still fit. In my case, everything has been scrubbed by Musicbrainz Picard.

Maybe a toggle.

I agree checked my library that would render really strange without gaining a lot of space.
The only thing is hoping that Compose supports middle ellipsis.

Alternatively for (a), at least for ‘now playing,’ maybe permit two lines for title/album, or (not as good) force to fit everything on one line. I just kind of hate the marquee :stuck_out_tongue:

2 lines does not fit many devices specially with the upcoming volume slide option.

Fit one line could render the text not readable too.

And option to disable marquee would prevent the full title so not good either.

My last idea, which I think is the most favorable of the bunch, is make the track title font smaller so there’s less marquee. Mind you, preferably not as small as the album and album artist size.

Please screenshot of a long text and details of your device.

Pixel 6 Pro with display/font set to small

How can you read that small :stuck_out_tongue:

I have same device and keep size default. And there’s enough text.

Not sure there’s a lot of room here.

I think eventually there should be a “minimalist - classical music” now playing interface, which I can flesh out in a different request since we’re getting off-topic. The vastest majority of properly tagged classical music very rarely has less than ~25 characters to its title so there’s always going to be a long marquee scroll. For an app named Symfonium, getting the classical music stuff down is worth it :slight_smile:

Random example:
track title: Sonata no. 14 in C-sharp minor, op. 27 no. 2 “Moonlight”: I. Adagio sostenuto - attacca
album: The Complete Original Jacket Collection

The track title is usually a combination of the Work, Opus, and Movement tags (Symfonium doesn’t read these tags and most/all media servers do not have database entries for these… yet…) and the album titles tend to run long.

In this scenario if Symfonium noticed a Classical genre tag on a track and automatically switched from Minimalist to Classical Minimalist that’d totally satisfy (a) from way above :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

In this scenario if Symfonium noticed a Classical genre tag on a track and automatically switched from Minimalist to Classical Minimalist that’d totally satisfy (a) from way above

The problem @daniro is that while you want a different layout for “Classical” others may have used genre differently e.g. “Ballet” or “Baroque” and also want that special minimal layout.

Another approach to flexible/dynamic layouts would be to make it quickly switchable and stored per album. So once you had flipped layout type for an album while playing it that is how that album is displayed every time. This does mean manually setting it for each album, but then the user is looking at the display when they want to see it in a certain layout so setting it on first play would not be too inconvenient.

Ha, but I’m sure Tolriq will hate that idea! :slight_smile:

Of course I hate that :wink: What about people playing a genre in random the display change every track ? :slight_smile:
There’s multiple now playing and I may add more but it will always be static, no way it randomly change during playback.

Yeah. In my case, tracks might be tagged as “Classical; Opera” or “Classical; Ballet” or “Classical; Symphony; Overture” – Picard’s Classical Extras adds an “is_classical” tag too.

Another way to think about it is for, say, if a user has three libraries syncing to Symfonium from Jellyfin, a “now playing” UI can be attached to each one. For example:
Tracks from Audiobooks library uses default now playing (skip +/- 30 seconds buttons and adjusting playback speed is good here)
Classical Music library uses ‘classical minimalist’
Non-Classical Music library uses ‘minimalist’

Great thought @daniro , different layouts for different music sources/libraries would work for me. We are on the same page :slight_smile:

But probably not for Tolriq as a supportable feature, he would say that too many users would be confused by a dynamic layout and complain it was “random”.

Not talking about the fact that a song can belong to multiple sources and that you can still play music from different sources in random order.

So as said there’s still room to change the layout / build other ones, but it won’t be dynamic this makes no sense.