Playlist not remembering sort when syncing from media provider

Issue description:

I have a playlist set up in Emby. I will update the playlist in Emby and then sync it within Symfonium and after it finishes syncing, the sort order is changed. I want it to be sorted by the title at all times. Unsure as to what order it is being sorted in but it seems like it might be in the order they were added to the playlist. The playlist is sorted properly within Emby (by title). Is there a setting or something within the app I am overlooking?


Upload description: corylowry12 sorting issue

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Reproduction steps:


  • Create a playlist within Emby
  • Import the playlist in Symfonium
  • Sort playlist in Symfonium
  • Update playlist within Emby
  • Sync playlist in Symfonium
  • The sorting method is reset

Media provider:




This is normal, a playlist have a fixed order, if you via the current menu you sort you sort the content at that moment.

If you sync again the data from the server takes precedence and replace the content of the playlist with the sort returned by Emby.

Gotcha. Is there any way to get around that or will I just have to sort it every time I update my playlist?

For the moment no choice.

There’s plans to add dynamic sorting at some point.