Playing an album ignores downloaded state with "Available Offline" filter applied

Issue description:

When using the “Available Offline” filter, all tracks of an album are queued up to play even when only part of the album has been downloaded offline.

Source media provider is Subsonic/Navidrome.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open an album that hasn’t been downloaded.
  2. Download the first track (or first couple of tracks).
  3. Enable the “Available Offline” filter.
  4. Open the album and note that only the downloaded tracks are listed since the filter is being applied here.
  5. Press the “Play” button for the album.
  6. Pull up the play queue and see that the entire album has been queued up.

Expected Behavior:

Based on what was being displayed with the filter, I expected only the downloaded tracks to be queued up. Tapping on the first song of the album behaves as expected and only the tracks that have been downloaded are queued up to play.

Logs: (15.6 KB)

Thanks will be fixed for next release.