Optional password protection for settings

Feature description:

Add an option to protect the settings with a password.

Problem solved:

Kids (or wife) breaking the app by “accidentally” fiddling with the settings.

Brought benefits:

Symfonium could be used on a kid’s device as a simple frontend to play music or audiobooks.

Other application solutions:

I hear Yatse has a similar feature… :wink:

Additional description and context:

Should there be some recovery option in case the password gets lost? Maybe some file that could be imported? Well, in that case I can also store the password in a file, and maybe I should be punished if I don’t remember the password…

Screenshots / Mockup:

| Enter password to access settings.     |
| Password: ___________________   | OK | |
| Note: if you forgot the password,      |
| you are screwed and need to reinstall. |

Very good solution, well implemented - THANKS!

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