Option To Set Size Limit On Shuffle

I use the genre tab for selecting music a lot, but most genre’s have a ton of music in them and I wouldn’t want to add thousands of tracks to the now playing list (plus I had a few times where the app did not seem to like that many being added which is completely understandable). Would there be a way to allow shuffle to be limited to say 25, 50, or 100 tracks? It would also be helpful for building random playlists as well for me since I like them to be set lengths.


Smart playlist have limits on them they are here for that purpose. Select the genre you want apply the random sort and set the limit you want.

BTW the app should handle very large playlist without issues how do you start the play ? It should automatically switch to dynamic playlist and load as the queue advance.

It has only happened a few times so maybe something else triggered the issue outside the size of the queue or bug to cause the app to crash? If I can reproduce it or figure out what I did I will gather the logs and submit it so you can take a look. Basically I just go to the genre tab, pick genre, and hit shuffle.

I tried out smart playlists a bit, as much as I love them with the amount of customizing they allow I honestly had no idea they even existed until seeing one of the threads here and still took a bit to find. I just tried to replicate what you suggested but what is the rule for size limit? I don’t believe I see that rule.

The limits are applied to the smart playlists not smart filters.

There’s doc in the wiki :slight_smile:

Basically you create a smart filter that fit your needs. You save it as smart playlist.

Then you edit your smart playlist if you want to add a sort and/or a limit