Option for Speed/Pitch to persist until user manually changes it

Feature description:

I want to be able to keep the same speed/pitch I set until I go in and manually change it back.

Problem solved:

When I’m playing music and set the speed/pitch and change songs from another album/playlist, the speed/pitch changes back to regular 1.0 speed/pitch.

Brought benefits:

It gives control already available to the user, but with an option to further customize their listening experience.

Other application solutions:

Not much to explain here. You’ve already done an excellent job, I’d just like to keep what I set until I change it. So basically, keep the previous value when selecting songs.

Additional description and context:

I don’t think I can explain it any further with out wasting your time.

Screenshots / Mockup:

I don’t have a way to show this in a screenshot.

There’s already a setting to keep things between play commands.
It currently only covers shuffle / repeat I’ll add speed/pitch into the same settings to avoid endless settings.

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That would be absolutely perfect. Thank you so much!