Offline files not shown in song list when provider is offline

Issue description:

My Jellyfin server crashed today, and I noticed that even though I have ~250 songs downloaded for offline listening, these songs weren’t shown in the global song list. My smart playlist for recently added songs, which I have auto-download enabled on and which is the reason why I have some songs available offline, was also empty. Only imported playlists which contained cached songs could be played.

Logs: (6.4 KB)


Additional information:

A few seconds after starting playback, covers/images disappeared everywhere and the Now Playing view didn’t show the artist and album any more (last screenshot). Not sure if the logs show anything about that, I enabled debug logging afterwards.

Well you have a library filter and there’s no library listed so there was a sync with no data at some point leading to your state.

You have no more data in the library and the logs does not show what happened to get to this state.

There’s not much to be done here without the logs of the sync :frowning:

I see. Would it be possible to keep the library state before the sync until the sync is finished, in order to prevent this? I can try to recreate this later one with logging enabled :slight_smile:

This is already how to works. Hence the need for logs.

Normally this is only possible if the server did return no data and no errors.

Hmm, the endpoint returned a Cloudflare Argo Tunnel error, so maybe that’s the culprit

No as it’s properly detected as an error and the host shown offline.

If you can reproduce with logs I’ll be able to see what special case you triggered to be able to sync without triggering an error.