NP screen remains after queue ends

Is it part of the new stateful reworking that the NP screen remains after the queue is finished playing? I can provider logs, but wanted to ask if that is expected behaviour first.

When pressing the play button on the NP screen after the last track has played to its end (or in the mini player bar), nothing happens, although it looks like the we are currently at the beginning of the last track of the queue.

Sometimes the NP screen remains without any track info. I will try to find out when and then replicate that.

Probably a side effect but not wanted no will need repro.

Did a lot of other (EQ) stuff while logging, but near the end the queue should end with the NP screen remaining (and I think I also pressed play without effect). In this case, the NP screen showed the last played track with time at 0:00.


Let me know if you need better logs.

Ok thanks will see to revert as before.