NP screen animations

Issue description:

The NP screen animations do not run very smoothly. I never really look at that for long, which is why I did not really notice that before

The marquee stops for a split second when the time and progress bar are updated. The time updates do not really correspond to clock seconds - sometimes they go faster, sometimes the pause longer for a moment. This happens with or without marquee.

Is this a performance thing of my device (Galaxy A51)?


I sent a screen video via email (subject: “NP screen animations”).

This is with the last version?

The player can refresh at a lower rate than 1 per second so it’s normal that sometimes a value can jump, I don’t think that this is really important.

But the lag is not normal yes :frowning:

Yes, that is with 0.9.15. The NP mini player shows the same behaviour, btw.

I also think that the “jumpy” seconds are not so much of an issue, and I probably would not have noticed if it was not in sync with the marquee lag.

Does it lag when paused too ?

Well, I wanted to say no, but I made a demo video I sent to you (“lag demo”), which shows there is a problem especially with long lists. I managed twice to crash the app by scrolling wildly through album lists. One crash is on the video. It seems there is quite a lag when loading the thumbnails.

Edit: in normal daily use, I do not really recognise that lag. But what caught my attention is that when the app is started, there is a little lag in setting up the home screen. You can see that on the video, too. I did not notice that in the beginning/alpha phase, but it is like that for some time now.

The quality of the video makes it hard to really see what is going on :slight_smile: Specially without seeing the touches.

I was more asking about the now playing lag when the media is paused.

For the home content it’s quite normal to have a small delay, specially since you have filters, the app starts faster now so the content is visible before the queries and everything is up on your device.

Yeah, the video was shrinked to fit into the email. But what you can see is how long list scrolling stutters at 0:30 and 1:30, and especially at 1:40 where the screen freezes for a couple of seconds.

But regarding your original question: when I pause playback, the marquee animation runs smoothly, so it seems to have something to do with the time / progress bar update.

This seems fixed in 0.9.16.

@Tolriq I already noticed yesterday that the issue with the laggy marquee animation is back, so it must have been reintroduced with 1.1.0 or earlier. It is still present in 1.2.0.